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This website is dedicated to the memory of "Link", the patriarch and "Will", the matriarch of Grand-Willin Retrievers, and all the great dogs that made this establishment for "Man's Best Friend" so special to owner and trainer Patricia Higgs, as well as to her many client's over the years.



Patricia Higgs The business know as the "Kanine Kottage" for obedience and gun dog traning in Forrest City, Arkansas was founded in 1977 and that is where it all began.

In 2003 it became Grand-Willin Retrievers, a "Canine Country Club" in Northwest Arkansas with a following of clients, many of which have become dear friends.

The "Eight Great", as they became known, captured the hearts of many, leaving a legacy of their accomplishments, their puppies and wonderful memories of each very special dog.
"Link" "Will" "Chase" "Rocky" "Bella" "Tootie" "Gauge" "Lady"
"That's the thing about dogs - especially the dogs with whom we join in the ancient partnership of the hunt. They give us more than we can possibly give in return, and they never really fail us. If there is a failing, it is in our expectations, and ourselves. The reason dogs touch us in ways and places that nothing else can, is their souls are free from darkness.

They are pure in a way that we can never be, and honest, and their devotion is unconditional. The qualities that we take for granted in our gun dogs are the same ones that causes us to call some people heroes." Patricia Higgs

Life at Grand-Willin Anyone familiar with operations at Grand-Willin Retrievers would know that the dedication to the dogs and clients in a very humble way is what turned many business relationsships in to everlasting friendships.

Cars passing by would stop to watch the dogs in training. It was poetry in motion when these magnificent animals would obey could just see the mutual respect, trust and loyalty between dog and trainer!

Family, friends and clients shared in many great memories and some of the sad times, too. Grand-Willin Retrievers was so much more than a top-of-the-line training facility.  It was about the love and care for each dog; it was about relationships  beyond the sale of a puppy, the rehabilitation of a hunting dog or getting another ribbon. 

At Grand-Willin Retirevers clients and dogs were treated like family, and Patricia has always believed that one should treat others in a kind, humble and respectful way. And that is why she is loved by her clients and well respected by her colleagues.
PaugeePatricia was given the name "Paugee" by her oldest grandson Christopher.  Being with grandchildren was always treasured and traveling to Alaska was a special treat.

The grandchildren spent many summers at Grand-Willin Retrievers and have been a very  important part of life at Grand-Willin. Now that Patricia has reached a season  where she can be more flexible with her time she is excited about the possibility of devoting much attention to being "Paugee"and she is looking forward to getting lots of hugs and kisses.
Patricia hopes that all of her dear clients know how much she appreciates their trust and loyalty over the years.

"Each dog I have touched has tought me something. I am deeply humbled that you are part of my success."
Patricia Higgs
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GWR Handler bag, inspired by Patricia Higgs, owner & trainer of Grand-Willin Retrievers
Veterinarian Acknowledgment

Patrcia wants to thank the following Veterinarians who have provided personalized hands-on service and loyal support to her dogs and the dogs in her care:

Dr. Eric Steinlage, Dr. Ron Irby, Dr. Tom Roundtree, Dr. Phil Gault,  Dr. Gerald Blackburn,  Dr. Randy Hyde, Dr. Harmon Smith
"I have reached the next chapter in my life. Family is my number one priority and dogs have always been part of that.  My grandchildren share my passion for "Man's Best Friend" and have had lots of opporuntities to observe the dogs during training, asking questions and learning. When my oldest grandson Christopher was just 5 years old he told me more than once that I had the greatest job in the world and that deeply touched my heart."

Patricia Higgs
aka "Paugee"

Patricia with gun dogs

"As long as God is giving me my health, dogs will always be part of my life!"  Patricia Higgs


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